Lularoe Leggings and More

Have you started your newest addiction with Lularoe Leggings (or other clothing items) yet? Whether you’re on your first ever piece of Lularoe Clothing or your twenty first, taking care of them is super important. We all want our buttery soft leggings to last a lifetime right? Trial and error has occurred to bring you guys the best possible way to keep your Lula Clothing in tip top shape and I mean even the tag says it all…. take care of them or you’ll be sad.

There are going to be different ways you want to wash/dry your different types of Lularoe Clothing from Leggings to Kimonos and more so we’ve broken it down a bit for you to make it easier. As an added tip I would suggest washing ALL your like Lularoe Laundry together, so leggings, tops etc. For the first time of washing be sure to wash alone in case of colors bleeding etc like they do with blue jeans.


1. Turn inside out
2. Wash in COLD Water
3. Use Gentle or Delicate Washer Cycles
4. Air Dry (this doesn’t strain the fabric as much and makes it last longer)

As an added care measure you may not need to wash your leggings after every single wear, the more you wash them the faster they will begin to show wear.


Kimonos or Lace Items (Like Lola Skirts)

1. HAND WASH ONLY (If washed in a washer you run the risk of snagging on the machine)
2. You can then lay items on a towel and roll the towel to squeeze as much water as possible out of item
3. Hang Dry to finish drying.

Amelias, Madisons, Lucy Skirts, Perfect Tees (all other Lularoe Wear)

1. Turn inside out
2. Wash in Cold Water
3. Use Gentle or Delicate Cycles
4. Air Dry

So what’s the big deal if you throw them in the dryer or don’t wash them as directed? It wears them down and takes away their super awesome softness guys, in other words, it makes you sad. You might notice some pilling or fluff balls on the clothing as it shows wear. (Leggings may show this after many washes as well)

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